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Beauty is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, fun, wonderful, and enjoyable. On the other hand, hard, anxious, and uncertain.

As one of the leading beauty companies worldwide, we want to transform the business. In our world, there are no rules, no keys, just thousands of possible ways to do things.

Want to join us and make beauty in every way okay?

Where are you?













Just another beauty company

Or maybe not? We do believe we are somewhat special and so should you. Maybe you recognize us as the best beauty company ever from Sweden?! Or maybe not at all. We started as a simple e-shop – a business that now has grown to offer 55,000 different beauty products across Europe (with fossil-free shipping in Sweden), retail stores, hair and skin treatments, product development, B2B sales, third party logistics and production.

What’s your thing?

Did you know that we work with logistics? B2B? sustainability? retail? IT? app development?

What's your thing?

Customer Relations

Are you genuinely passionate about customer service, regardless if it's about recommending the right hair mask or putting on the Sherlock Holmes coat and investigating why a package was delivered to Varpaisjärvi instead of Berlin? Welcome!

Buying & Assortment

An important part of your everyday life is that the bathroom shelf is stocked with beauty products. We need that at Lyko as well, please add them to our range?


As a translator, you get the opportunity to have a key role at Lyko in the continued growth of our new markets. Your focus would be to translate Lyko's product texts and marketing materials (banners, newsletters, social media ads) from English to your native language.


Are you a content creator with a flair for copy and words, perhaps also photography and post production? Or are you a project manager who loves beauty and events? Welcome to the marketing department!


Retail, the window to our customers. Will you help us personalize Lyko and guide our customers through the beauty jungle?

Just a small town...couple 💜

Every good fairy tale has a beginning, and this story starts with Rita and Stefan Lyko who ran a hair salon in the teeny tiny village of Dala-Järna in Dalarna (you know, the home of the cross-country ski race “Vasaloppet”?). Stefan started out selling the famous hair wax Fudge online and shipped it to Swedish customers who couldn’t get their hands on the product elsewhere.

As their son Rickard finished business school and couldn’t get a job (it was 2008 and the financial crisis came knocking – bummer), he moved back home to his parents’ and scaled up the online business.

And the rest is history! 🤷‍♂️

Some random numbers that might just amaze you





orders per year

Our recruitment process

…and penchant for difference!


This is where the bragging begins

Own brands

What we believe in.

*other than you of course


What we believe in.

*other than you of course


Going against the current e-commerce trend.
We grew 25,7% in Q3…


Still not convinced?

Where the heck is Dala-Järna, and do you have a mission & vision?

Well… we did our best to summarize, but if you want to learn more about our company and its history, rest assured that there’s more to this story.

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